Disney Cruise Line Debuts “Disney at Sea with D23”

Disney have introduced a brand-new live event called “Disney At Sea With D23” onto the Disney Cruise Line. The 30-minute entertainment news show highlights what’s new and what’s next from all of Disney’s wonderful worlds, from theme parks and movies to television, music, and beyond.

The show will be updated every month with new content and the plans are to hold the show on every cruise, with the presentation being scheduled to take place on virtually every itinerary, rolling out soon to all ships in the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

“Our friends at Disney Cruise Line reached out and asked us to develop a show that would take guests on a journey through all the incredible entertainment and experiences coming from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm,” says Michael Vargo, head of D23. “It’s thrilling to share all of the exciting news—and our love for Disney—with our guests on the high seas.”

The first episode included the new Captain Marvel trailer, Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary around the world, and the latest concept art for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland’s Tropical Hideaway, and Tokyo DisneySea’s upcoming expansion.

My Take: This 30 minute “live event” feels more like a commercial for everything that is going on within the Disney “universe”, but with a captive audience abroad a ship, it does make sense to use this time to help promote upcoming projects. Plus it shouldn’t be a labour intensive show to produce, since the majority of this content will have been used elsewhere within the Disney company.


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