Review: NYCC ’18 Exclusive Skottie Young Marvel Pins

Now, throughout this year’s New York Comic Con, my purchases weren’t as much as other years. I have a feeling it mainly had to do with me being an exhibitor in addition to being press for the entire four days. However, I was able to head over to the Marvel booth during the convention and collect some of the exclusive Marvel pins, which feature the fun artwork of Marvel artist Skottie Young. Before I get into what I purchased, here is a look at what was available at the booth during the show… or at least the beginning of it.

Four Pin Packs, each costing $25, feature characters from The Avengers, The X-Men, and The Fantastic Four. The Blind Pack Set includes the eight characters seen, as well as two Chases in the form of Old Man Logan and Spider-Ham. Captain America is included in the purchase of the lanyard, and the Classic Iron Man was an incentive for signing up for the new Marvel Mastercard. Both the Thanos and Rocket/ Groot pins were Incentive Pins for hitting certain purchase levels. By Saturday Thanos was sold out, and the other by Sunday morning. I really wanted the Thanos pin, so that was a bummer when I arrived on line Saturday morning.

For my purchases, I first picked up the Pin Pack with Thing, Mr. Fantastic, and Invisible Woman. What’s neat about this Pin Pack is that Invisible Woman’s pin is blind packed on the back of the set (only her image is on the front card). Inside the blind packed pin is either her regular version (which I got) or an “invisible” Chase pin. Pretty fun detail to this pack.

For the Blind Box set, my friends and mine first concern was getting a complete set for a friend who could not be there. While we were successful, that left us with a lot of duplicates of some characters (Human Torch, Cable, Colossus, and Deadpool), and light on a couple (Punisher and Spider-Man). That being said, I came home with seven of the set of ten, including one of the Chases…. Spider-Ham! I also got Old Lace (the raptor from Marvel’s Runaways), which for me was a great design and at the top of my list of pins I wanted in that collection.

Finally, I picked up one of the lanyards for another friend that wanted the Captain America pin, and had the thought of grabbing a shot of it before mailing it off to her. Fun design of the pin. I would have gotten it myself if I needed a new lanyard.

Overall, looking back on them, I should have picked up more of them as I kind of want a full set of them now. Oh well…. I am happy with the ones I do have and will maybe scour eBay down the road for the ones I don’t have yet.





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