Disney Toybox : Baymax Action Figure Review

Disney Store released a few more of the Disney Toy Box line figurines throughout the month of October, I usually do not do the toy reviews on the site but I just had to pick this up this Baymax figurine due to its bulky size.

Baymax stands at about twice the size of a normal Disney Infinity figurine, his build is pretty impressive in capturing the essence of the character. His articulation is big with multiple joints in the arms, legs and hands but due to his large size, could be limited on what kind of poses can be achieved compared to other Toy Box figurines.

The Toy Box figurines usually comes with an accessory, Baymax is no different, he comes along with removable wings that can be attached to his back. These are very wide so be careful when placing him amongst other figures so they do not get knocked down.

My only real complaint is the lack of the line between Baymax’s eyes, it makes the figure seem like a knock-off. The Infinity figure had the same problem sadly. But other than that, this figure is worth the purchase if you are a massive Big Hero 6 fan and want a good piece of merchandise to show amongst your Disney collections. The figure runs about 19.99$ CAD and 14.95 $ USD


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