Pop! Review: Little Whirlwind Mickey (NYCC Exclusive)

On Thursday, the Mickey: The True Original Exhibition officially opened in NYC, and to celebrate this weekend I am going to take a look the Little Whirlwind Mickey Pop! Vinyl by Funko. Based on the version of Mickey from the 1941 cartoon of the same name, this Pop! was released at this year’s New York Comic Con, while also being shared with Walmart. Let’s take a look.

In this cartoon, Mickey is wearing a pair of overalls, some sneakers, and a straw hat… and is ready to help Minnie with her yard work until a pair of tornadoes foil his hard work.

Aside from a little bit of glue residue from where the hat was attached to the head, I really appreciate this Pop! Vinyl, as the cartoon is one of the ones I remember from childhood.

While I am not collecting the entire Mickey: The True Original line of Pop! Vinyls, I am glad that I picked up this Mickey. He will definitely find a place on my shelves.



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