Review: Mickey Mouse 90th Mystery Mini Figures (Just Play)

For today’s review, I continue the celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday with a look at Just Play’s Mystery Mini Figure set. Sold is blind packages of two figures, the set is comprised of ten regular releases and one rare “Golden Mickey”.


Out of the four packages I got (making for eight figures total), I only got two doubles, which was great. Here is a closer look at the six figures I got:


Update: Since doing this review, I found more packs out there and added to my collection Plane Crazy, Technicolor Mickey, and Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Only two I am missing is Steamboat Willie and the rare Golden Mickey.

I really like these fun little sculpts, especially being that they are only about 1.5″ high. The looks of the different Mickeys over the years are unique, and showcase how Mickey has changed since he debuted over 90 years. My favorites of the collection are Mickey Mouse Shorts, Pie Eye Mickey, and Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Want to collect these mini figures from Just Play? You can find them for around $5 per pack (each contains two figures) at places like Target, Walmart, and ever Dollar General.


Have you tried your luck collecting this set? If so, which ones did you get and which ones are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 


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