Disney Tangled #3 Review

We have the final issue of Tangled The Series on our hands today, the issue will feature three stories, two long ones and a short one. It is a shame that it is not a regular series rather than a mini series but hopefully we will have more Tangled adventures in the future.


Lend a Helping Foot

STORY  Liz Marsham

ART Eduard Petrovich and Rosa La Barbera


Our story begins with the local cobbler Feidspar complaining about the activities of the princess Rapunzel, her influence has had a negative effect on his business due to her walking around barefooted. The King tells about how their influence can change people in even the smallest of ways and for her to think about how she behaves.

Later in her room, Rapunzel begins planning with Eugene and Cassandra about how she can fix the cobbler’s problem as Eugene points out that the fad will eventually end if something else could inspire the townspeople to behave like the princess.

Rapunzel decides to try out painting in public to see if it will catch on, after it does, she decides to try out her various other activities such as baking which ends up hurting on Uncle Monty’s business. She has now ruined two businesses, but she soon finds that Monty has a rat problem always entering through a crack.


How will Rapunzel  help Monty out of this rodent problem or will she ? Find out by picking up Tangled The Series Volume 1.


The Lost Letter

STORY Alessandro Ferrari

ART Eduard Petrovich and Rosa La Barbera

After the royal mail carrier quits due to all of Corona’s dogs chasing him daily. Rapunzel decides to take up the job and deliver all the letters in the kingdom as an excuse to meet everyone in Corona and be the one to give out good news. But she does a mistake and sends a royal invitation to Big Nose by mistake.

The thug decides to prepare himself for the event and asks Rapunzel and Eugene for some training in order to act more royal to impress some other princesses. How will this end up going ?

Hair Raising

STORY  Scott Peterson

ART Arianna Rea and Rosa La Barbera

The third story is mainly a way to explain how Rapunzel got her hair in the giant wig seen in the first episode of Tangled the Series. She runs into a few issues while making her way to her parents over at the terrace.



An okay conclusion for this Tangled mini series, the stories are worth it but I would have loved a more serious story to conclude the series to match the tone of the television show.The first story gives us a bit more with the Coronian locals like Monty and the cobbler which is always a nice thing. The second story handles Big Nose well, he was always one of my favourite thugs and to see a story focused on him is really nice. The last story is rather forgettable as it is just an extended scene from the pilot episode of Tangled the Series.


Tangled #3 is worth reading if you love the television show or just the Disney Princesses overall. Rapunzel and her friends will return in a new limited series later this year from IDW Publishing. I managed to read it while on my trip to Italy back in August.


RATING : 6 out of 10


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