Disney Presents Treasure Island Starring Mickey Mouse REVIEW

This retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island begins with young Jim Mousekins dreaming of greater adventures than his current tidings as a cabin boy to his Aunt Melinda at her little inn. She asks him to bring breakfast to a captain sitting near the windows looking out for the cat with the hind paw that he fears. Jim recounts how he first met him, his white scar on his chin leaving a huge impression on him as the Captain began drinking his tea at the inn more and more.

His aunt’s doctor Horatio Livesey (Horace Horsecollar) arrives at the inn to check up on Melinda as he soon has a minor incident with the Captain. He retires to his room and tells Mousekins about the legendary Captain Blot and how he originally was his first mate. The next day, a blind man visits the inn wanting to see the Captain as he begins to panic. The cat pirate had finally found him and proceeds to run off leaving his chest behind. Mousekins opens it and finds some old papers wrapped in rope until the blind pirate returned, trying to break into the inn.

Mousekins tells his aunt to hide while he goes to get Livesey, hoping he can help them escape from the upcoming pirate attack. He rushes into town as the police soon apprehend the pirate and his crew. Mousekins proceeds to open the package revealing a map with buried treasure marked by a huge red X.

The next day, the sire and doctor arranged the acquisition of a large ship and crew. Mousekins begins looking around the ship, seeing all the lovely sights and how strong the crew seemed although the captain of the ship, Captain Lockett  was less than impressed. He soon went downstairs overhearing a familiar song his old friend taught him as he soon crosses path with the ship’s cook Silver.

Mousekins soon begins to form a partnership with the chef over the coming weeks of the voyage. In return for keeping his workspace clean, Silver would teach him how to sail and be handy on ships thanks to his decades onboard various ships. He notices how Silver had control over the crew as if he was the real captain and not Lockett. He even noticed some crew members close to his own age to his delight.

One night, while seeking a late night snack, Mousekins falls in a barrel of apples as he overheard Silver talking to some other ship-mates. Turns out he was a pirate after all and had other plans in mind for Lockett. Silver plans to ditch the non-pirates on the island after they have recovered the treasure to the disappointment of Mousekins.

What will young Mousekins do now, his best friend on the ship is in actuality a blood thirsty pirate captain ? How will he warn the Doctor and Captain Lockett ? Find out by picking up Disney Presents Treasure Island Starring Mickey Mouse from our friends at Dark Horse Comics.



Treasure Island is the first in a series of updated takes on classic literature from around the world using Mickey Mouse and his beloved Disney friends. I do find it strange that this particular line of stories landed at Dark Horse rather than his usual home, IDW Publishing.

This take does censor some things as usual like Bones not meeting a bloody fate at the inn and alcohol being replaced by tea. But regardless, this story is a very good adaptation of the story for young readers that might be reading this for a school project or just love Mickey Mouse. The art is stunning with livid backgrounds and colouring to reflect the turn of the century. Character expressions are brought to life thanks to Turconi’s pencils ushering great life in the pages you are holding.

Treasure Island Starring Mickey Mouse makes for a great stocking stuffer for the Mickey Mouse fan in your home for the holidays in honour of  Mickey’s 90th anniversary. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming Disney Presents titles next year.


RATING : 8 out of 10


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