Disney Magical Dice Closes Down Again

Today, Netmarble’s mobile game, Disney Magical Dice: The Enchanted Board Game, has closed down.   The game was available on Android and iOS, but is no longer playable on these devices.

Netmarble announced the closure of the game back in October.  The official forum will also close down on January 17h 2019.

Today, the team behind the game said the following on social media:

Our magical journey has come to an end.

From the Disney Magical Dice, The Enchanted Board Game Team, we would like to again thank you all Dice Masters for your support and enthusiasm. You are all enchanting!

This is the second time Disney’s Magical Dice has closed down, the original game launched in April 2016, but closed down in June 2017, with the second version launching in August 2017.

My Take: Its sad to see another Disney mobile game closing down, especially with so many closures announced recently.  This should once again show why players should be very careful spending money in digital mobile games and should view purchases as casual disposable items, instead of “investments” or building a collection, since they can be closed down within months.

Are you sad to see Disney Magical Dice Close Down again?



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  • rida

    i’m sad this game is closed down, i love this games. i tried to find but couldn’t, when i checked google is no longer in the games. so sad.

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