Review: Wreck-It Ralph Vynl 2pk by Funko

For today’s review, I take a look at the Wreck-It Ralph Vynl 2pk released by Funko earlier this year to coincide with the release of Ralph Breaks the Internet. The 2pk features Ralph and Vanellope, the two main characters in the movies, in the stylized format of the Vynl line.

I opted to get this Vnyl 2pk over the Pop! Vinyls because I really like the stylized look to them, and I still have my Pop! Vinyls of Ralph and Vanellope from the original Disney Store release many years back. They two are scaled nicely to one another (obviously not perfect because of how big Ralph is compared to Vanellope in the movie), and look great side-by-side.

I appreciate that Funko included display bases for the both of them. While they don’t necessarily need them on a flat surface, they are a bit top-heavy and having that added protection while they are displayed on a shelf is helpful.

Overall, a very fun set of Vynl figures for any Wreck-It Ralph fans.

If you would like to add these figures to your collection, you can get this and other collectibles from Ralph Breaks the Internet over at Entertainment Earth.


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