Review: Pizza Planet Truck Pop! Ride (Fall Convention Exclusive)

For today’s review, I take a look at one of the Disney/ Pixar pieces that was a Fall Convention Exclusive last year. A shared exclusive between New York Comic Con and Box Lunch stores here in the US, let’s check out the Pizza Planet Truck Pop! Ride from Toy Story.

Fun Fact: The Pizza Planet Truck has made cameo appearances in every Pixar movie to date. Most movies it’s appearance as an “Easter Egg” is hard to spot, but it’s there nonetheless. 

Included with this Pop! Ride is the tiniest version of Buzz Lightyear that I have seen. Steering the vehicle, Buzz is atop the steering wheel in true Space Ranger fashion.

I am a big Disney and Pixar fan, and although my collection is quite a lot smaller these days, I did add this Pop! Ride to it, mainly because the Pizza Planet Truck is so iconic to the Pixar brand.


What are your thoughts on the Pizza Planet Truck Pop! Ride? Have you added it to your collection? Let me know in the comments below.


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