Marvel Games Add Fantastic Four Content

Now that the Marvel issues with 21st Century Fox are over, Marvel have kicked off FANTASTIC FOUR: WORLD’S GREATEST WEEK, which includes a wide range of Marvel games getting updates to celebrate the legacy and history of Marvel’s First Family of Super Heroes.  There will be new updates to Marvel Contest of Champions, Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Strike Force, and Marvel Puzzle Quest!

Check out the live stream below:

The Thing is joining Marvel’s Contest Of Champions, in the Man…This Monster” event quest, with other Fantastic Four characters coming later this year.

Future Fight has seen the entire Marvel First Family are now officially playable characters, so Dr Doom, Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing are now available.

In addition to the new characters, Crystal and She-Hulk will sport new Fantastic Four uniforms. Mister Fantastic can be leveled up to Tier 3 as part of this update.

Kick off the new year with an epic quest following an exclusive Fantastic Four story featuring the four heroes and unlock some pretty darn fantastic rewards. When you play Epic Quest: First Family, you automatically unlock Mister Fantastic right away.

In Marvel Strike Force, they have added Doctor Doom.

And in Marvel Puzzle Quest, all four Fantastic Four characters will be able to square off against God Emperor Doom and Victorious.

The four core FF members are all getting their own Versus Events starting today, and running through January 20.

Log in any time in the month of January, between now and January 31, and receive a 3-Star Human Torch (Classic)!

And finally, a new addition will be coming to the PS4 Spider-Man game, no details were revealed but a Fantastic Four Themed Suit makes sense.

Are you excited for the Fantastic Four being added to these games?


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