A Look Inside The Kingdom Hearts III Pop-Up Experience At Disney Springs

With the release of the long awaited Kingdom Hearts coming up on January 29th Disney has set up a Pop-Up experience at Disney Springs. Inside the experience is displays of various Kingdom Hearts merch, replicas of various Keyblades and you can demo two stages of the game. Those stages being the Toy Story world called The Toy Box and the returning  Hercules world, The Olympus Coliseum. I had a chance to stop by the experience this week and get some photos and try out the game.

As soon as you enter the experience you will notice along the walls is gigantic artwork showing off the various worlds in the game.

Inside the display cases is various merch that is being released for the game. Also on display is a couple of the collectors editions of the game.

One of the highlights of the experience was seeing real life versions of some of the Keyblades on display.

I was able to demo the Toy Story stage called the Toy Box. The little that I played got me excited to play the full game. The graphics are amazing and all the little details are there. I can’t wait to get the game and hop back into the world of Kingdom Hearts.

The Pop-Up Experience is open until the end of the month. If you have the chance to go I highly recommend it!


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