WDW Dining Review: Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom)

While I personally have dined at the Be Our Guest restaurant at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World numerous times before, my brother never had (seeing as the last time he was to the parks was 2011). So, when Be Our Guest changed to a prix fixe menu AND my brother finally carved time out of his busy life to join me on vacation last month, I jumped at a chance to take him to dine with the Beast inside his castle. Let’s check out the new menu and what we thought of our dining choices.

Waiting to enter the Beast’s castle.


We dined at a later reservation time, 8pm. When I initially made the reservation, I was aware that the park closed at 8pm, but not aware that there would be Extra Magic Hours until 10pm for resort guests. Thinking that the restaurant might be less crowded at that time, we were surprised how crowded the place was, and that they were continuing to seat people throughout our meal. That made the room we were dining in, the ballroom, a bit noisy. However, thankfully we were seated near the side of the room under the “second floor” overhang, so it was not as bad as it could have been.


The Three-Course Prix Fixe dining is $60 per person. It includes the choice of appetizer, choice of entree, and a trio-dessert sampler. Looking at the appetizer selection, I’ve already had the French Onion Soup previously (and it is really delicious). I opted to have the Assorted Meats and Artisanal Cheese Selection, while my brother decided to try the Charred Octopus.

I mean, if it’s cheese, I love it. While I always think that sampler platters like this are way too small. However, every single piece of this plate was good. Highlights were the chicken liver pate and the Stilton blue cheese.

I was hoping to try my brother’s octopus dish, but he ate it way too fast to share… I guess it was good? At least that’s what he told me.


For our entree choices, my brother had the Center-cut Filet Mignon. I chose to have the Roasted Pork Tenderloin.

I did get to try a bit of the filet mignon dish, and my brother and I agree that the meat was cooked perfectly and melted in our mouths. He also enjoyed the taste of the potatoes very much.

The pork medallions and the pork belly in the dish were so tender and cooked spot-on. I am sometimes not a fan of how brussel sprouts are sometimes roasted, either they are undercooked and tough or overcooked and mushy. These guys, however, were just the right tenderness, and seasoned perfectly. I could have eaten a whole bowl of just the sprouts.


For dessert, each diner gets the same trio, which includes an almond macaron with lemon jam and raspberries, a dark chocolate truffle, and a white chocolate “Chip” cup filled with everyone’s delicious favorite, the Grey Stuff. They are served on a sugar paper of a stained glass rose, which is technically also edible.


The only thing left on either one of our plates was bits of the cup, mainly because that was a lot of white chocolate in one go.


While we had the opportunity to meet with the Beast after our meal, the line to meet him was very long, and we wanted to make the most of the time we had left with Extra Magic Hours, so we decided to skip the Meet ‘n’ Greet this time around.


Overall, while we both enjoyed our meal, I am not sure we will be rushing back here in the future for dinner. While the atmosphere is great and the food delicious, the fact that everyone has to have the prix fixe menu means that you are leaving there spending the minimum $60 per person. Now, if it is a special celebration or, in this case, someone’s first time dining in the castle, it’s worth it. However, for those that go to Walt Disney World often, I feel that dining here every time (which was something I did until Skipper Canteen opened in Adventureland) is not necessary.


Have you tried the new prix fixe menu at Be Our Guest? What were your thoughts? Any hit or misses with the dishes you got? Let us know in the comments below. 




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