Marvel Games Add Captain Marvel Content

With Disney set to release Captain Marvel in cinemas on March 8th, a new wave of content updates themed on the upcoming movie, are coming to the Marvel Games roster.

These updates are rolling out from this week until the end of March.

Here are some details on these new Captain Marvel update:

  • MARVEL Strike Force: February 20 – Available today, fans will get a new Kree campaign, character rebalance and new characters, Captain Marvel and Minerva.

  • Marvel: Future Fight: February 20 – Players, prepare for boss battles with Talos, Kree and Skrulls. Plus, new characters: Korath, Minerva and Nick Fury and new movie costumes for them AND Captain Marvel and Ronan.

  • MARVEL Battle Lines: February 21- New cards for Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, Ronan, and Goose the Cat.

  • Marvel Puzzle Quest: February 28; March 14 – New original content is coming, fans can prepare for versus and story events. Captain Marvel will join the game on February 28 and Talos on March 14.

  • Marvel Contest of Champions: March 6-7; March 21 – Players can keep an eye out for Captain Marvel on March 7 and Nick Fury on March 21.


What Marvel Game are you playing right now?


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