Toy Fair Highlight: Kotobukiya Marvel Booth Pics

While I was at Toy Fair 2019 last weekend, I swung by the Kotobukiya booth to see what they will be releasing this year. Unfortunately, there was not much Star Wars or Marvel related in the booth (I am assuming because of embargoes with Avengers: End Game and Star Wars: Episode IV). However, the Kotobukiya team did have some upcoming Marvel statues and concept art on display. Let’s check them out.


Marvel Bishoujo


Marvel Universe ArtFX Premier


ArtFX Venom


ArtFX+ Avengers

Captain America (Sam Wilson), Captain Marvel, Vision, and Thanos will be released this year. Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, and Ant Man & The Wasp have already been released.



Weapon X Fine Art Statue



I do expect that more information on upcoming Star Wars releases will be revealed around the time of Star Wars Celebration, being held in Chicago in April.


What do you think of these new Marvel releases coming from Kotobukiya? Let us know in the comments below.




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