Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Merchandise Preview

With Star Wars Celebration taking place next week in Chicago, Disney have revealed some of the exclusive merchandise that will be available at the Celebration Store at the event.

There is a wide selection of different products available, check them out below:

Star Wars Celebration key art T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

Star Wars Celebration logo T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

Star Wars Celebration Dad hat, $30

Plush convoree (brown), $20; Also available in green

Medal of Yavin coaster set (4 coasters), $40

Darth Maul Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 20th anniversary bomber jacket (S-XL), $80; (2XL), $82

Luke Skywalker badge art T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

The Windu City T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

Sebulba’s Hot Dugs T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

The Max Rebo Band T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

Star Wars Celebration light and dark side socks, $20

Plush Darth Maul (with interchangeable legs!), $30

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 20th anniversary cap, $30 Star Wars Is for Everyone T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

The Star Wars Show cap, $30

Star Wars Celebration flannel (S-XL), $55; (2XL+), $57

BB-8 pizza T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Chinese poster T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

Clone Wars Saved (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

Plush Loth-wold (white), $30; also available in gray

Po-Zu X-wing sneakers (black), $65

Star Wars pinball T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

Imperial spirit jersey (S-XL), $55; (2XL+), $57

Plush gorg, $25

Star Wars Celebration tin lunch box, $20

Geeky Tiki rancor tiki glass, $60

Resistance 3-pack pin set, $25

Death Star succulent planter, $25

Star Wars Rebels mural T-shirt (S-XL), $27; (2XL+), $29

Lando Calrissian Hawaiian shirt (S-XL), $45; (2XL+), $47



What do you think of these new Star Wars Celebration exclusives?


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