Kingdom Hearts Union Third Anniversary Celebration Details Announced

Square Enix hav announced details of third anniversary of KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

Celebrations from the launch of KINGDOM HEARTS III continue throughout the course of April and May in the hit mobile game, as fans may commemorate the milestone by enjoying the following in-game items and campaigns:

  • Anniversary Present – All Keyblade wielders will receive 10,000 Jewels by simply logging in now until May 31st.
  • Free Draw Tickets – From now until April 30th, players will receive Draw Tickets based on their character level. Draw Tickets can be used to pull from a limited time banner to receive a wide variety of powerful Medals.
  • Event Medals – Now through April 30th, players can earn event coins to exchange for Sora & Chip & Dale Medals, boosters and other rewards.
  • Spirit Training Campaign – Using the new Spirit Training feature, Keyblade wielders that train their Spirit 30 times now until April 30th, will receive special rewards, including exclusive Spirit Parts.
  • One Million Jewels Campaign – Until May 6th, players can pull once daily from a free banner for a chance to draw a KHIII Moogle Medal. With KH III Moogle Medals, players have a chance to win Jewel prizes and a chance at the grand prize of one million Jewels. All players who have at least one KH III Moogle Medal will receive 1000 Jewels as a consolation prize at the conclusion of the campaign.
  • Returning Popular Avatar Boards – Players can customize their character’s outfit with the highly sought after Terra and Aqua Avatar Boards, which return for purchase starting tomorrow until April 13th.  Additionally, the Cloud Avatar Boards will return for a limited time from April 16th until April 22nd.
  • Dark-Winged Warrior Event – Now through April 13th, players can challenge the Dark-Winged Warrior in this popular returning event to obtain the “One-Winged” title.
  • Avatar Coin and Draw Ticket Campaign – Until April 30th, players can convert Avatar Coins to Draw Tickets to pull from a special banner for Medals.


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