Avengers Themed Diaries By Doodle Collection Out Now

Doodle Collection, a bespoke brand of premium stationery products that specialises in themed diaries, notebooks and other exciting lifestyle products, is delighted to announce its association with Disney with an exciting new range of Avengers themed diaries. Inspired by the favourite Avengers characters from Marvel like Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor & Hulk, these diaries and notebooks shall keep one’s favourite Superheroes within arm’s reach long after the movie has left theatres.

In this Marvelous collaboration with Disney, Doodle is set to create unique and appealing diaries that are sure to impress even the hardcore fans. Staying true to the theme, the new Doodle Collection is homage to every superhero, supervillain and princess that fans have always rooted for. So whether a hero, an anti-hero or simply a diehard fan, this whimsical and fun range of Avengers diaries and notebooks has something for everyone.

These Doodle Diaries make a perfect gift for self or friends. After all, saving the world merits a reward even for the non-combatant fans cheering from the battle sidelines.


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