The Art And Making Of Disney’s Aladdin Review

With the new live action version of Disney’s Aladdin set to hit cinemas later this month, a new behind the scenes book by Emily Zemler has been released by Insight Editions.

The book covers many different stages of creating the movie including costumes, music, sets, visual effects, stunts, choreography and more.  There is also a foreword from director Guy Ritchie and interviews with Alan Menken, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

One of the most impressive aspects of this book is how gorgeous it’s presented, the artwork is stunning and features high quality images from the set.  It’s done a great job in portraying how much work has gone into the making the movie.

The movie looks to have an incredible design style and this book really shows that off, with some amazing photographs and extremely interesting concept art.  Seeing what went into making all the different aspects of the movie really made me take note of those small details most people might never notice.

There are many different aspects from making the movie included in this book, with little stories from behind the scenes, such as how they created Aladdin’s vest or how they created the computer generated characters like Rajah, Iago and Abu.  And there are dozens of little antidotes from the people behind the scenes, which I found very interesting.    

While the book is beautiful and full of information, it does come across as a little too fluffy, almost like a behind the scenes featurette on a DVD.  This book probably should have gone into more detail, especially with more photos and concept art.  Especially considering the price.

One of the things I liked about the book was how the team explained the differences and inspirations from the original animated classic.  I also enjoyed seeing photographs of the models used to plan the scenes.

The Art and Making Of Disney’s Aladdin is an extremely well done and polished behind the scenes look at the movie.   For the price I would have expected a little more.  However it looks stunning and is very impressive.  I really enjoyed reading this title and have flicked through admiring the photos and concept art multiple times already.  If you love this new version of Aladdin, I’d recommend checking it out.


You can purchase this book now from retailers including Amazon.


This is book was provided for review purposes.


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