Infinity and Beyond: WDW Photo Shoot- 01/14- Part 2

Earlier this week, I shared pictures from my Disney Infinity photo shoot in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Today, I share pictures from a day spent at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and then a very special shoot at Epcot. Without further adieu, off we go to DHS!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sorcerer’s Hat

Our first stop, of course, was the Sorcerer’s Hat, located at the end of Hollywood Boulevard. The D23 Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey insisted on taking some photos. I just wish the sun was cooperative.


Since the lighting facing south wasn’t working right, we went over to the DHS sign, located in the same area, and got a couple of better pics.

di01.14.008 di01.14.007

Pixar Place

From there, it was off to Pixar Place, where Buzz, Woody and Jessie had a blast rompin’ around.

di01.14.009 di01.14.011



Then, while Jessie took Bullseye for a ride to wrangle up the herd, Buzz and Woody met with their real life counterparts in the Toy Story Meet ‘n’ Greet.


di01.14.012 di01.14.013

Magic of Disney Animation

From there, it was off to the Magic of Disney Animation, where Ralph and Vanellope got their chance to meet their counterparts and the Sugar Rush Meet ‘n’ Greet.


di01.14.003 di01.14.002



This is where things got exciting. My entire vacation, this line was a 2 1/2- 3 hr wait. I didn’t want to wait that long in the middle of the day, so i got to the Norway Pavilion in World Showcase as soon as the rope dropped, and I was second in line for… the Frozen Meet ‘n’ Greet with Anna and Elsa.


di01.14.026 di01.14.027


di01.14.031 di01.14.030

And with that, our Disney Infinity Photo Shoots for this trip has come to an end. But do not fret! This summer I will be making my way back down for the 2014 LeakyCon over at the Orlando Convention Center/ Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and I will be staying on Disney property at Saratoga Springs Resort, so I will be at the parks when I can, and with me will come with Agent P, Phineas, and any other Disney Infinity figures that arrive by then.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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