Disney Infinity – Disneyland Paris Photoshoot

This June, I headed to Disneyland Paris for a sneaky trip with my Wife, we only had 48 hours there but we fitted in plenty including a full day at both Hollywood Studios Parc and Disneyland Parc. But we weren’t alone as a certain Sorcerer Mickey from Disney Infinity came with us for the trip and got to enjoy some of the sights. Unfortunately my camera decided to have a major SD Card error which wiped out all of my photos from our trip (argh!!!!) but thankfully Sorcerer Mickey was able to photo bomb a few of the photos in my wife’s camera. So here are a few snap shots from Sorcerer Mickey’s trip to Disneyland Paris including this lovely photograph of Mickey in front of the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Infinity-Paris   infinity-hollywood-studios
Sorcerer Mickey wasn’t as happy as he headed into the Hollywood Studios when I said I wouldn’t be staying at the Hollywood Tower Hotel on this trip.

But we did have time to stop off for some refreshments from this vintage Ice Cream truck.


Sorcerer Mickey was trying to work out where he was, France or America?


Sorcerer Mickey had an amazing time at the Walt Disney Studios including riding the awesome Crush’s Coaster! Before we headed back to Disneyland Parc the following day where Mickey headed to Tomorrowland.


And while I was at Disneyland Paris, I discovered there was plenty of Disney Infinity content including Posters right at the entrance, a full section of the Disney Store including all the Crystal Variants and even some huge buses covered in Infinity characters but unfortunately those photos are lost.




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