New Disney Infinity 2.0 Patch Brings Green Goblin’s Glider

When the Green Goblin figure was released for Disney Infinity 2.0 back in January, immediately questions arose as to the location of Green Goblin’s glider. It’s an integral part of the character. Heck, he is riding it on the back of the figure packaging. Sure enough, the Disney Infinity team confirmed that, for some reason, the glider never made it into the final version of the game, but there would be a patch in early February that would address it. Sure enough, this evening we got the patch, and Green Goblin’s glider.

Green Goblin on his glider.

Green Goblin on his glider.

In order to get the glider, you need to first place the Green Goblin figure on the base, once you update the game on your console. At that time, a pop up icon will say that the glider is now in your Toy Box. You will have to equip it to your character through the Tools and Packs menu.


Once equipped, it’s ready to use. You can activate it the same way you would activate any other pack.

Greenie equipped and ready to fly.

Greenie equipped and ready to fly.

The glider is a pretty sweet ride, like i find most of the other gliders in the game. This one is pretty awesome in that it already has some built in weapons, so you don’t have to find ways to equip it.


While I didn’t have a lot of time to play around with the glider (I need my beauty sleep…. HA!), the few minutes I did play with it was enjoyable, and completes the look for a very powerful character in the game.

What do you think of Green Goblin’s glider? Let us know over at our Infinity and Beyond Facebook group.


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