Disney Infinity Release Digital EXCLUSIVE Tron Characters Today!

*Well, the cat is out of the bag. First posted over at Kotaku in a story by Mike Fahey, and then just confirmed by Disney Infinity Vice President John Vignocchi just a little bit ago on Twitter, looks like this news will be pushed up a little bit today. It also appears that Mike actually narrates the video for the release as Tron’s MCP… congrats Mike! I added his voice-over video to the end of the story*


So big news came from the team at Disney Infinity today, with the exclusive digital release of Sam Flynn and Quorra… yes, I said EXCLUSIVE. Take a look at the official release.

Travel the Grid as Tron Makes its Way to Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition)


Sam Flynn and Quorra Available as Digital Exclusives


Disney Interactive announced the final two characters for the Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) line up – Tron’s

Sam Flynn and Quorra. The characters are now available as digital exclusives for Disney Infinity (2.0

Edition) via the Disney Infinity: Toy Box 2.0 iOS app for $2.99 each, and will be available for PC in March

2015. Both will join all of the previously announced Disney and Marvel characters in the Toy Box mode.



“The iOS version of Disney Infinity has always attracted our largest audience, so we wanted to do

something special to celebrate its launch. I can’t think of a more appropriate digital exclusive than Sam

Flynn and Quorra from Tron,” said John Vignocchi, Vice President of Production, Disney Infinity.


• Sam Flynn: Son of brilliant videogame creator Kevin Flynn, Sam is ready for action. His skilled

Lightcycle maneuvers make speeding around the Grid and outsmarting his foes a breeze.

 Wielding his Identity Disc, he battles his way to become a User that Programs revere.  

• Quorra:  A rarity among Programs, Quorra, a fearless warrior, leaps her way into Disney Infinity.

Don’t let her gentle nature fool you – she’s a true warrior at heart. Using her Katana and Identity

Disc as weapons, Quorra is one Program you don’t want to cross.

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Well, there you have it everyone. Looks like there will not be anymore characters announced after these two digital exclusives. So, after Loki and Falcon are released in the coming weeks, we are done for 2.0. Sam Flynn and Quorra will be digital exclusives, meaning no figures. I will be assuming that the two new Tron Power Discs (Light Cycle and Light Jet) are also digital exclusive, but at this time there is no confirmation of it.

Tron Light Cucle and Light Jet

Tron Light Cycle and Light Jet


What do you think of this development? Were you hoping that these characters would be actual figures when info for them leaked last year? Are you still going to purchase them for the digital versions of 2.0? Let us know over on our Infinity and Beyond Facebook group.


And here is Mike’s video:


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