Could Mulan Be Coming To Disney Infinity 3.0?

This weekend, Mulan & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D actress Ming-Na took part in a special question and answer session at Planet Comicon in Kansas.  During the event according to a number of different sources on Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr, Ming-Na said that she has recently gone back into the booth to do some voice recordings of Mulan, for the first time since she recorded Mulan 2 and for an episode of Sofia the First.  According to a few different reports she has done this for Disney Infinity 3.0.


We still need to take this news as a rumour but Mulan has been thrown around as a possible figure in Disney Infinity in the past and has had a few different appearances in Disney Infinity including a Tower Building and power discs featuring Khan mountable horse, skydome and terrain.  This isn’t the first time Mulan has appeared in a video game as Ming-Na also voiced the character in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Again, this doesn’t confirm Disney Infinity 3.0 nor Mulan as a figure, but it does look promising.

What do you think about Mulan coming to Disney Infinity?

Thanks to  yoshemitzu for the information


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