Two Remaining Marvel Power Discs Appear on GameStop’s Database; Expected Release Date 3/24

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Believe me, I am as surprised at this news as most of the rest of you guys are. If this is indeed true, this would mark the first time Disney Infinity has released one of their retail products without an official product announcement.

Today word came from GameStop employees and customers that the two remaining Marvel Power Discs for Disney Infinity 2.0, Falcon Costume Disc and Captain Marvel Team-Up Disc, are up for pre-order as a 2 pack in GameStop stores (not yet online). One of our Infinity and Beyond members Scott Aparo was able to pre-order them at his store and shared this receipt pic.


Thanks to my friend Sean, who works at a GameStop on the West Coast, we have confirmed that they are indeed in the system for a March 24th release date, along with the Falcon and Loki Disney Infinity 2.0 characters.


Now, while this is not a 100% confirmation that they are coming out on 3/24 (arbitrary dates have been used in the past), this is a step in the right direction to see these discs finally being released, as they are the final discs for the console systems with Disney Infinity 2.0.

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