UPDATE: Falcon, Loki, & Two Rare Marvel Power Discs Join Disney Infinity 2.0

Today marks the day that a lot of us here in the United States have been waiting for: the release of the final two announced characters for Disney Infinity 2.0… Marvel’s Falcon and Loki, as well as the final two Marvel Power Discs that appear in the Hall of Super Heroes: Team-Up: Captain Marvel and Ultimate Falcon. Both playable in the Avengers Play Set (which came with the Marvel 2.0 Starter Pack as well as a stand alone Play Set), Falcon and Loki have been a couple of the most anticipated since their 2.0 reveal last year. With the Captain Marvel Team-Up, one can summon to their side the power of the Captain. With Ultimate Falcon, players can change the look of their Falcon figure, making him look as he does in Captain America: Winter Soldier.

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On March 24, Disney Interactive will be launching two of the most anticipated figures, Loki and Falcon,for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) alongside two rare Power Discs – Marvel Team-Up: Captain Marvel and Ultimate Falcon. The figures and Power Discs will be joining a variety of Marvel Super Heroes, Disney fan favorites, and hundreds of themed items, locations, props, vehicles and more to create all-new exciting adventures in Toy Box mode.


As Captain America’s closest ally, Falcon soars into Disney Infinity and fans can play as this super hero and defeat all types of enemies in the air and on the ground. However, sometimes, it’s good to be bad and the powerful and mischievous Loki will be a force to be reckoned with when he joins the Disney Infinity universe with his powerful scepter attack and clever holographic decoys. Whichever side you choose, both characters are premier additions to Disney Infinity 2.0.


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A few things to note for today’s release here in the US (Loki and Falcon are already available in a few European markets already):

~ Many sites have had these figures on a pre-release sale of $9.99. If you can avoid having to pay full price, go for it.

~ There have been questions asking if there will be a Toy Box Pack with Falcon, Loki, and the two Power Discs (similar to the Aladdin Toy Box Pack). The answer: probably unlikely. There is not indication in any retailer systems that a pack will be coming out. You will have to buy everything individually.

~ GameStop will be having a MASSIVE Sale going on this coming weekend (March 28th & 29th) in store. We will be posting more information on this sale closer to the weekend, but the sale includes getting the Rare Power Discs for FREE, as well as some amazing deals on other Disney Infinity products.

~ Speaking of these Power Discs, at the moment (according to Disney Infinity), they are exclusive to the North America market only. For example, Disney UK did not sign on to have them release in the UK, so they will not be available there. Also, to our knowledge, GameStop is the only store advertising these discs for sale. They do not appear in this week’s Toys R Us ad, etc. Details are not known, but they could be a timed exclusive to GameStop, or just a straight up GameStop exclusive.

~ As of this posting at 9AM Eastern on release day, retailers are still not showing these Power Discs in stock at their stores. Pre-orders from GameStop have not been shown in transit, and the discs still don’t even appear in the Toys R Us database. No word when they will start showing up, but here’s hoping before the GameStop ad this weekend.

~ Update (10:15 am EDT): a new release from Disney Infinity this morning says they will be available today ” at select retailers in North America “. So, the wording is still unclear on exclusivity.

~ Update (11:00 am EDT): it looks like the Power Disc pack is available to order over on DisneyStore.com. No idea if they are also available in Disney Store locations also. This is the first non pre-order we have seen for these discs.

~ Update (11:30am EDT): GameStop employees have received an email directing them to contact the customers that pre-ordered the Power Disc pack in store and notify them that they are delayed and will not be in store until Friday the 27th in time for the weekend’s sale event.

~ Update (2:30pm EDT): Customers who pre-ordered the Power Discs thru the GameStop website to be shipped to their house are starting to see shipping confirmations arrive this afternoon. It’s a good sign that the rest of us will be seeing them in actual stores for the weekend. 

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Care for a review? Check out what Roger thought of Falcon and Loki when he got them a couple of weeks ago over int he UK.

I will be getting the Power Discs (hopefully) soon and plan on checking them out asap, along with the two figures, myself. I will be sharing my thoughts later this week.

In addition, tomorrow I will be presenting a very special photo shoot that happened in Washington, DC this past weekend. Here is a sneak peek.


Will you be adding Falcon and/or Loki to your collection? Let us know over at our Facebook group Infinity and Beyond.


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