Star Wars C3PO Eachez Vinylmation Out On Good Friday

Fans of Star Wars are getting a double helping of Vinylmations this week, not only are there some new Trooper Vinylmations, but there will also be a new Eachez Vinylmation featuring C3P0.  This series is set to be released at Disneyland on Good Friday, expect them to also be available at Walt Disney World and Online on the same day.  Disney gave conflicting information on their update, saying they would be in all three locations and only at Disneyland, once we have clarified that, we will update you.

We don’t know the Limited Edition size, but the previous Star Wars Eachez were LE2500, so we are expecting the same and that the white K-3PO will be the variant.

  • Limited Edition STAR WARS C3PO
  • Item #: 400008985024
  • Retail: $16.95

Vinylmation-C3PO-1 Vinylmation-C3PO-2

What do you think of this Eachez?


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