LEGO Hulk Buster Review and Unboxing

Hey guys! With the Avengers: Age of Ultron about to come out in theaters in the US, I thought this would be the perfect time to post my review and unboxing on the Lego Hulk Buster. If you aren’t into Lego or don’t own any, you will definitely love this set. In fact, this is a dangerous set to purchase, as its fueled my love for lego all over again!

Lego Hulk Buster

Now, the Lego Hulk Buster set contains a total of 248 pieces, so its not a difficult one to assemble. This set comes with some pretty cool mini figures. It comes with a Hulk, Ultron Prime, Scarlet Witch, and Iron Man MK43. Aside from the mini figures, it includes the awesome Hulk Buster Suit, the Hulk containment unit, and a mini figure launcher that is for Iron Man, although it works for any regular sized min figure. This set alone is a valuable set because not only do you get the amazing articulating Hulk Buster Suit, but the amount of mini figures that come with it makes it sought after. The best part, this set will only run you $29.99 USD. That is an amazing value! So lets move on to the build…

The first thing to be assembled is Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and the Hulk containment unit. Its pretty simple to be honest, so you will breeze through it. Some important things to know are as follows. The attachment binder pieces for Hulk are not in the bag he comes in so don’t freak out. You will find them in the next bag. Also, the hardest part about this build is applying the stickers to the triangle doors. Be very careful putting them on as its difficult to remove the sticker afterwards. Use tweezers if necessary.

Hulk Containment Unit

Scarlet Witch

The next build is the Ultron Prime and Iron Man mini figures which are again easy, but here’s a quick pointer. Do not put the blue pieces on Iron Man to make him seem like he’s flying. Instead, do it with the red pieces on the Ultron mini figure. Reason why I say this, is you are going to want to put Iron man inside the Hulk Buster as soon as you are done building it and those blue pieces won’t be needed.

Ultron Prime Lego

Now in the picture you will notice that the Ultron mini figure has the red pieces on the feet and hands. That is to simulate the boosters of their flight. Iron Man also has the same except in blue. Whats cool is you place them on the mini figure launcher thats also in the picture. You press down on them and they launch upward like they were attacking and enemy in flight. In this case, Iron Man goes after the Scarlet Witch for playing mind tricks on Hulk.

Mini Lego Figure Launcher

Finally it leads us to this amazing build of the Hulk Buster. The first part is building the housing for Iron Man and the main body of the Hulk Buster. The second part is the arms and legs. When you start working on the second part, it will take some time and repetition in complete mirrored steps, since you have two arms and two legs to build. Take your time and build them separately. Multitasking will only make it confusing. Plus the arms are slightly different.

Lego Hulk Buster 1

Once you are done building the Hulk Buster, you will have an amazing articulating machine, that not only holds Iron Man inside, but it shoots blasters from its right arm. It can also grasp a mini figure in its hand, like the Ultron in this set, for example! Also, keep in mind, the blasters actually shoot very well. Make sure the kids aren’t pointing them at each other, especially someones eye! But this is a pretty cool feature!

Lego Hulk Buster 2

The Lego Hulk Buster is an amazing toy! Its a must have for any Marvel or Avengers fan. Here are a few more glam shots. Enjoy!

IMG_0732 IMG_0735 IMG_0738 IMG_0743 IMG_0744 IMG_0745

So what do you guys think? Do you own Hulk Buster already? Will you be picking one up now? Let us know!


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