Details On Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Saga Bundle

At the Sony E3 conference, John Vignocchi announced that this years Disney Infinity 3.0 “Collectors” starter pack for Playstation 3 & 4 will feature the Rise Of The Empire play set a month early and a early release of Boba Fett, which will be available elsewhere during the holidays.  Many retailers are offering pre-orders for this set, which doesn’t have a release date and here are some images of the Saga Starter Pack and its priced at $114.99.





Will you be adding this to your collection?

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  • RickTastic

    Can Xbox get no love with Infinity? I imagine they wanted to distance themselves from anything that isn’t considered “core gaming” after their last couple E3s, but STILL. This seems like a bit much to get exclusively. We want to play, too!

  • Playstation ponies up dinero to get these exclusives….. XBox doesn’t want to play.

  • tyrel5151

    I am very excited for this! Do we know if its just an amazon exclusive yet or will it be everywhere?

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