Disney Infinity Inside Out Early Movie Screening!

Monday night, I had the privilege of seeing an early screening of Inside Out, at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. This event was put on by the Disney Infinity Team and it was such a cool experience. They had two demo stations set up with the Inside Out Playset for Disney Infinity 3.o, and let me tell you, the kids were loving it. I will give you my impression of the film at the end of this article. It will be very short and spoiler free. For now enjoy some pictures from the event.


Two Disney Infinity 3.0 demo stations with the Inside Out Playset were set up in the lobby.


These guys look amazing together!











They had some really cool Disney Infinity movie theater style posters up. This one was for the Disney originals.


Marvel version.


And finally the Star Wars version.

Behind the scenes Toy Box TV filming. There's Allison!

Behind the scenes Toy Box TV filming. There’s Allison!

While waiting for the event to begin, the El Capitan Theater's organist treated us to some lovely Disney tunes!

While waiting for the event to begin, the El Capitan Theater’s organist treated us to some lovely Disney tunes!


Janice and Allison came up on stage to give us a presentation on Disney Infinity and the new Inside Out Playset.


3 awesome games so far!


With the best intellectual properties out there!


DI 3.0 will have the lowest priced starter pack of all Disney Infinity starter packs.


Five new playsets…one without a title and logo!


Their bench is not only deep, its wide too!


Allison took the floor and shared everything about the Inside Out playset.




These figures are pretty top notch!


The story behind the Inside Out playset.


Each character’s special abilities!


Allison surprised us all with a playset to take home with us after the movie! 🙂 🙂 🙂


And then we were asked to turn off our phones and cameras and enjoy the film. Overall, the event was a great success. It was such a fun thing for Disney Infinity to put on for it’s fans. Not only did we get to play some Disney Infinity and take home a playset, but we got to see the film before its release later in the week. Thanks Disney Infinity, for putting this on for us!

As far as what I thought about the film…..GO SEE IT! It is by far the best Pixar film ever made. At least thats what I think. I’ve never experienced every emotion watching a movie. I laughed, I cried, I feared the worst! I felt for Riley so much in this film. I definitely urge you to go see it! Oh…and I LOVE BING BONG!!!



So, what did you think about this event? Will you go see Inside Out? Will you buy the playset? Let us know below or join us on our Facebook group!


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