New Tsum Tsum Figures On Display at the D23 Expo

A couple of months ago, we shared information about new Tsum Tsum merchandise that will be available later this year.  We now have some additional pictures of the new Tsum Tsum figures.  They are currently on display at the JAKKS Pacific booth at the D23 Expo in Anaheim.

Similar to the popular plush toys, the Tsum Tsum figures will be available in three different sizes.  In addition to character figures, there are accessories that pertain to different Tsums; Using our imagination, Cheshire can rest in his tree, Figaro can steal Cleo’s fishbowl, and Dumbo can snap photos with his camera (definitely watch the animated shorts if you don’t know this reference!).  These figures will come in mystery packs as well as blister packs.  Target will also carry exclusive sets only available at their stores.






Will you be picking up (or should I say, stacking up) these Tsum Tsum figures when they are released?


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