Star Wars: The Force Awakens – BB-8 Limited Edition Pin Set Released Today

Disney released a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pin set on, which sold out extremely quickly.  The Pin set is priced at $14.95 and has a limited edition size of 1000.


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Here are the details:

Our limited edition enameled cloisonné pin of BB-8 will make an impressive addition to your collection, and comes with a piece of a lithograph. Collect all 6 Star Wars: The Force Awakens pins to complete the image!

  • BB-8 collectible pin
  • One piece of a lithograph. Collect all 6 pins to complete the lithograph.
  • Display packaging
  • Limited Edition of 1000
  • Silver finish
  • Enameled cloisonné
  • Part of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Limited Edition Pin Collection
  • The 3rd pin in the series will be available on October 12
  • Add your pin to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pin Collector Tin, sold separately


Where you able to add this to your collection?



  • Sato Ren

    “Were you able to add this to your collection?”

    No, I wasn’t. Wanna know why? Because I live in the UK and this pin wasn’t released over here. All 1000, it seems, have gone to the U.S.

    I ask you, how is it fair to exclude other parts of the world from collecting these pins? Sure, there’s other options like trading or paying extortionate amounts of money to buy them on eBay, but most people don’t do that. They just want to buy a collectible item at a reasonable price.

    If they do this for all the pins then I guess no-one outside the U.S. will be able to get anything more than their Kylo Ren pin and an empty tin.

  • VinylBrad

    I was not able to add it either. Believe me, I tried at different times over several hours to no avail.

    After calling to check on other orders (twice) on different days, I got two totally wrong answers as to when the pin would actually go on sale. Three, if you count the “we don’t know if the pin will actually go on sale (on the date specified in writing on the website).

    Why is it so hard for Disney to tell cast members when an item will go on sale (time and date)? I know this is a nuisance we have discussed in the pin and vinylmation realm ad nausium but one would think they would repair the problem. We all know that is not the Disney way. They don’t fix things until it hits them in the pocket. As long as they sold out those 1000 pins, they don’t really care where you live or how long you have been a Disney fan or how many thousands of dollars you have spent over a lifetime. That’s just how it is!

  • Hi guys and girls I’m new to the collecting game and wish we as a family kept hold of all the old starwars boxes and figures and toys all together. Since the starwars force awakens hype I managed to get my tin from the UK Disney store for about £20. I believe the UK store sold the kylo ren pin but sold out quick.

    I missed the BB8 pin and kylo ren so will prob get mine off ebay for around the same price if I can help it. I thought I’d try different disney stores around the world and some have the pins and some don’t but they won’t ship to the UK bummer!!! good luck guys


  • After hearing the the 3rd pin was out on the 12th I kept my close eye on the disney uk store and nothing. Tuesday morning 8am I was told. Tuesday at work i kept another close eye on the site and soon come 8 0 clock and still nothing…..finally about 825am captain phasma was available. one attempt on my phone i made it as far as the guest check out but couldn’t pay for some reason 🙁

    after ten mins on the phone i got through and managed to order one 🙂 back home now roughly 2pm 13/10/2015 all sold out!!

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