13 Million Copies Of Star Wars Battlefront Shipped

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Recently EA revealed through its third quarter results that they have managed to sell over 13 million copies of Star Wars Battlefront since it launched in November, which means it exceed Electronic Arts’ expectations of 10 million by the end of March.

I can’t believe that Star Wars battlefront has sold 13 million copies that is just a lot of copies for a game and I think they deserves that because it is one of the most fun games ever

The game Star Wars battlefront is one of my favorite games it offers A full Star Wars experience like you were in the movies it’s multiplayer is up to 40 players max 20 players on each side offers mode such as supremacy, walker assault,and fighter squadron but there is one downside to the multiplayer games The mode heroes versus villains and throughout The game there are very few heroes and villains but that may be changed since the game has been out for just a little bit and when it’s out longer more heroes and villains will be added.

There is a single player mode for the people who don’t have Xbox live Gold or PlayStation network or prefer to play alone, The single player is very fun because it has modes such as training missions, battles and survival mode. In training you learn how to fly in X-Wing ride a speeder bike use and AT ST and use the powers of the dark side of the force.

The future of the game looks to be amazing and the DLC and tweaks along the way are going to be out of this world.

Overall for this game I would give it an 8 out of 10.  I do have some recommendations for this game for EA to add content from the prequel’s of Star Wars and add the Force Awakens to the game.


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