Uncle Scrooge #11 Comic Book Review

The latest Uncle Scrooge comic book, issue 11 features two stories that are new to the USA, “Scrooge’s Ark Lark” from Italian Almanacco Topolino 273, 1979 And “Bad Things Come In Threes” from Danish Anders And & Co. 39/2010.

The first story is called “Scrooge’s Ark Lark” and sees Uncle Scrooge build an arc to protect them and his money from an incoming flood while trying to make a deal with a Sultan. As you might expect not all goes according to plan as a competitor hires the Beagle Boys to stop Uncle Scrooge. This was a interesting story that had both a variation of the classic Noah’s arc story with middle Eastern business twist. Throw in the Beagle Boys and you have a classic Uncle Scrooge story of him overcoming the odds and making more money in the process.

The second story is called “Bad Things Come In Threes” and saw Uncle Scrooge’s very first dime stolen and he tries to track it down. I personally preferred the first story but this was still a good laugh.

This issue also features a cool California Adventure variant cover with Uncle Scrooge on the California Screaming attraction.

Another solid comic book featuring some great Uncle Scrooge stories that focus on his main characteristics, him making money.



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