Toy Fair ’16 Highlight: Disney at the Bandai Booth

Continuing out post Toy Fair coverage, here is a look at what fun Disney things were at the Bandai booth.

Finding Dory


Bandai was recently named the main Toy Partner for this year’s Pixar movie Finding Dory. At Toy Fair, we got a first look at some of the products coming out in 2016, as well as some press info.

Swigglefish Figures

Each Swigglefish figure has its own unique motion, allowing kids to bring the characters of Finding Dory to life.  Kids will love discovering each character’s personality as they roll along. Ages 4+

  • Swigglefish are Finding Dory figures with fun fish motion!
  • All figures have their own unique “swiggle” movement
  • Launch with an assortment of 6 characters with over 18 figures launched in 2016


Swigglefish Mr. Ray 3 in 1


With the Swigglefish Mr. Ray 3 in 1, kids can transport multiple Swigglefish figures on his back, just like in the film, as well as use him to store their Swigglefish figures. Ages 4+

  • Recreate your favorite Mr. Ray adventures from Finding Dory
  • Mr. Ray moves forward and backwards with kids’ help
  • All Swigglefish attach securely to Mr. Ray (up to 3 at one time)
  • Mr. Ray stores at least 5 Swigglefish figures and can be taken with you wherever you go!


Let’s Speak Whale Dory

Let’s Speak Whale Dory allows you to record your own phrases and play them back in “Whale” just like Dory! Ages 4+

  • Now you can speak fluent ‘whale’ with the help of our favorite blue tang Dory!
  • Speak into the device to record your phrase
  • Playback is in official ‘whale’ language


My Friend Dory

My Friend Dory allows you to replay your favorite Dory scenes from Finding Dory with your own interactive Dory!  Her moveable eyes and mouth help kids recreate her different moods and expressions.  Featuring over 50 phrases, Dory responds to different movements, including swimming movements, turning upside-down and around.  Multiple trigger points will also create certain effects leading to hours of enjoyment with everyone’s best friend, Dory!  Ages 4+

  • Motion sensors activating sounds/phrases
  • Touch sensor activating sounds/phrases
  • Manual eye & mouth movement
  • Dory speaks whale
  • Dory has a soft feel
  • Over 50 different phrases/sounds from the movie


Whispering Waves


Whispering Waves assortment allows kids to hang out with Dory or Nemo and hear their favorite phrases from the movie. But, when it’s time to go to bed, Dory or Nemo will help lull kids to sleep with ocean sounds designed to help little ones fall asleep. Ages 18+ months

  • Soft plush characters

Two modes of play:

  • Fun phrases from the movie
  • Soothing sounds that automatically turns off after 15 minutes


Hatch ‘n Heroes


What are Hatch ‘n Heroes? In a nutshell, action figures that can be folded up to the size and shape of an egg and, if necessary, stored and carried around in an egg carton.


The Hatch ‘n Heroes line is continuing into 2016, with numerous additions to the line, including characters from Toy Story, Big Hero 6, CARS, The Good Dinosaur, and the upcoming Finding Dory.

These figures carry an SRP of $6.99


What do you think of Bandai’s newest Disney offerings? Let us know below.


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