Swing into Spring event Starting at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is celebrating the floral revival of the season with its “Swing into Spring” event!

Running from March 5th to May 29th, it will be 86 days of festivities celebrating the wonder of nature and the joy of the spring season. I will be covering the event in more detail in the next few weeks.

The best thing to note about the event is the decorations and characters that come out. If you have ever experienced EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival then you can picture what it is like but slightly better.

Banner for "Swing into Spring" event

Banner for “Swing into Spring” event


Simba Banner part of "Disney Babies" section

Simba Banner part of “Disney Babies” section

They have Disney character topiaries all around the central plaza, similar to EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival.


101 Dalmatians Topiary


Berlioz, Marie and Toulouse Topiary


Simba and Nala Topiary

The theatre de Chateau has its own topiary which is new this year. It is Tinker Bell sitting in a magical flower and at night the wings light up.

Tinker Bell Topiary at Theatre de Chateau

Tinker Bell Topiary at Theatre de Chateau

The favorites of this year’s event are the easter eggs hidden about the around the park.

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A few rare characters have been spotted the past few weeks, getting ready for the event.

Characters include Dr. Facilier, Berlioz, Toulouse, March Hare, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider but there is bound to be more coming soon!

Are you looking forward to this event?

Tell us your thoughts!


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