Has The PC Version Of Disney Infinity 3.0 Been Dropped?


For those Disney Infinity fans who enjoy playing the game on a PC, unfortunately it has been confirmed that the PC version won’t be updated with this month’s new figures such as Zootopia’s Nick & Judy, Baloo and new Marvel characters like Ant-Man, Vision, The First Avenger & Black Panther plus the Marvel Battlegrounds play set. It also doesn’t look like this version will be getting any more updates any time soon. This doesn’t effect the versions on consoles or IOS devices.

Reports had been coming in from users who weren’t able to add their Zootopia characters to the PC game and following information from Disney Infinity support confirmed that these characters weren’t added to the game and today on Twitter, it was confirmed by a number of accounts that the PC version won’t be getting any more updates of new content as the Infinity team are evaluating if the game can continue.




So while Disney Infinity 3.0 is receiving a longer life cycle on consoles with 4 new playsets and more characters coming this year, the PC version is being left behind.

The vast majority of players I have spoke to on Twitter and in our Infinity & Beyond Facebook group, have been playing on the console version but for PC gamers, this has been disappointing, just ahead of this weeks Marvel Battlegrounds play set release and last weeks Zootopia new figure releases.

Looking at the current review section of the game on Steam, it does appear the game has struggled to convince PC gamers that it’s DLC system is worth investing in, as unlike the console versions, the game doesn’t use physical toys. The physical toys and playsets do come with a free webcode to use on the IOS and PC versions, but the reviews from PC games have resulted in 65% of players giving the game a negative response. Which could be a reason why support has been pulled if the game has struggled on that platform.

What do you think of the PC version of Disney Infinity 3.0 not getting any new updates? Comment below:



  • TikiGamer

    I think the mistake with PC was being a toys to life game that you didn’t need the toys for!

  • TheFantasticPaul

    Yeah, it’d be a bad idea to go off of the Steam Reviews for this game. Steam is full of “hardcore” gamers, and this is exactly the sort of thing they’d rush to to downvote, without even attempting to pretend to play it for any amount of time. And 2.0 had even less Positive reviews, and they still released 3.0 on the platform, so I’m sure the DI team knows better than to pay those Reviews any mind.

  • Greg Crabb

    I know personally of over 17 households that are closing Disney infinity accounts on their PC and consoles and returning the figures and power Disk sets and toy boxes, due to bad faith in Disney to support their products due Disney’s Action on the 3.0 on their PC game product, and some of these households use multiple computers and updated to windows 10 just for infinity to work properly for their Kids or grand kids.

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