Disney Infinity 3.0 Apple TV Version Also Not Updating With Marvel Battlegrounds


Following recent news that the PC version of Disney Infinity 3.0 won’t be getting any new updates in 2016, it also looks like the Apple TV version of the game will also not be getting new updates, so today’s new releases of the Marvel Battleground play set and figures like Black Panther, Ant-Man, Vision and Baloo, won’t be playable on the new device.

Disney confirmed this via Twitter today when some players were unable to play with their new purchases.

apple tv no support baloo 2 apple tv no support baloo

As you would expect, this hasn’t gone down well with Apple TV owners, as no announcement was made prior to release and some players had already purchased these figures, power discs and play sets.

What do you think of Disney dropping Apple TV updates for Disney Infinity 3.0



  • NeoStuey

    I have an open letter to Disney on the Official forums which I await any response to I have also been in communication with support since the 4th March talking about Apple TV releases. At no point was any hint given that support for the upcoming releases would be pulled. You can read my thread using the link below.


    Also could I ask you tweet the link to the following people for me? It would be really appreciated. 🙂


    I have even more to say to them so please ask them to also check their inboxes as I have sent them emails which go into more detail as to why I need to converse with them or the right person in here in the UK.

    I am neither on Facebook or Twitter so need the help in getting the right people to respond. I have sent emails to various parts of Disney daily before this happened and shortly after they dropped PC support even though that didn’t affect me I could see the potential for fracturing the community that they promote so hard on their Toy Box TV channel.

    Remember,…if you can DREAM IT,…YOU CAN DO IT!
    ‘play without limits’ – until you find out too late that there are now limits
    Well PC and Apple TV users can’t!

  • NeoStuey

    Not happy about this at all I was in communications with Disney support about upcoming new figures before this release and they didn’t give the slightest hint that this next move was coming.

    I have an open letter to them on their official forums and hope to get somebody out of the 3 people below to read it. Can I ask you to tweet them the link and check their inboxes for my more in depth and personal letter. I am not on social media so can’t do this myself any help I can get in getting my voice heard would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    Link – https://infinity.disney.com/en-gb/community/forums/281-disney-infinity-3-0-edition/topics/13272-an-open-letter-no-2-to-the-disney-infinity-3-0-dev


    I have been emailing various ares of the Disney group so far to no avail and I have been emailing daily and I cannot let this lie.

  • Drew Nepher

    CALL Apple Support > Tell them the Disney Infinity 3.0 for AppleTV is defective. New Marvel Battlegrounds will not work only on the AppleTV Disney Infinity 3.0. CAll to raise as a DEFECT T to force Disney to support their product

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