Tsum Tsum Thursday: A Look at JAKKS Pacific’s Disney Series 2

To celebrate Tsum Tsum Thursday today, JAKKS Pacific sent me over some of their new Disney Series 2 products to take a look at. The products have recently started showing up on retailer shelves this month (places like Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us, Target, and Barnes and Noble) and will continue to roll out to stores in the next couple of weeks… I am thinking it more of a restock from Series 1 to Series 2.

I have been a big fan of these tiny vinyl figures with Series 1, including taking some of the Mystery Stack Pack Series 1 on a Magic Kingdom photo shoot a couple of months back. So, when I opened the package to find an assortment of Series 2 products inside, I was excited.


First up, there are the three 3-pk figure sets. Retailing for $4.99, each pack contains a small, medium, and large Tsum Tsum figure.


For Series 2, the assortment is a combination of returning favorite characters from Series 1 and some new characters. In the case of these 3-pks, one or two of the figures are returning. This is done purposefully in order to encourage trading between collectors. Personally, I am loving the new characters like Ariel, Scrump, Flounder, The Queen of Hearts, and Thumper.

In addition to the three figures, each pack comes with a checklist showing the entire collection.


What’s new with Series 2 are the different “rarities” of the figures. We knew that some of the ones in Series 1 were more rare (a few of the Mystery Stack Packs came one to a case with the others two to a case), so it’s nice that JAKKS Pacific has acknowledged this and notated it on the new checklists.

Next up are two of the new 9-pks of figures, which retail for $14.99 each. Each 9-pk contains three small, three medium, and three large figures. Some of the figures are currently “exclusive” to these 9-pks, and they each contain a mystery medium figure.


IMG_1743 The mystery figures in these two packs contained Hiro and Peas in a Pod.


Last up are three of the Series 2 of the Mystery Stack Packs. Each pack contains one medium figure and a stackable accessory. Retail starts at $2.99 for each mystery pack, but some stores charge more.


While Series 1 only had a set of 10, Series 2 has a set of 15. Each mystery pack is $2.99 at most retail locations. Included with Series 2are a bunch of characters who complement selections from Series 1, including Ariel to go with Sebastian, Chip to go with Dale, Angel to go with Stitch, Eeyore to go with Winnie the Pooh, Queen of Hearts to go with Cheshire Cat, and Mickey to go with Minnie.


The three mystery packs that I got contained Jiminy Cricket (with his shooting star and umbrella), Buzz Lightyear (with his spaceship), and Queen of Hearts (with her rose bush).


What’s fun about these accessories is that they can be stacked in with the figures. It’s a fun little ability that breaks the monotony of just stacking the Tsum Tsum.


I am looking forward to tracking down the pieces I am missing and completing Series 2… and hopefully finishing Series 1, since I am missing some that I was hoping would be in Series 2, but are stuck in Series 1.

Are you collection the JAKKS Pacific Tsum Tsum? What’s your favorite part of your collection? Let me know in the comments below.


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