Review: NBX Select Action Figures (Diamond Select)

Earlier this week, I took a look at the Nightmare Before Christmas (NBX) Minimates from Diamond Select Toys. Today, here’s a look at some of the Select action figures from the franchise, also by Diamond Select. To date, there has been two series of three figures, for a total of six. Series 1 includes Jack Skellington, Sally, and Oogie Boogie. Series 2 includes Santa Jack, The Mayor, and Dr. Finkelstein. I previously took a look at Oogie Boogie last Halloween season, when Jack and Sally wer out of stock. However, they have since been reprinted so Diamond Select set over the remainder of the two series for me to review.


Series 1- Jack Skellington & Sally


I was a big collector of the NECA NBX figures from days gone by. Comparing the two sets, the Diamond Select series is done to a smaller scale, and therefore has a harder time with things like the thinness of Jack Skellington. While I like his proportions, the fact that it’s very hard to have him standing on his own without the included support makes ways to be able to display him difficult. As far as Sally is concerned, I like that they made a second lower torso for her for a different range of positions. While both of these figures are light on accessories, each come with an impressive diorama, Jack with a section of the graveyard and Sally with half of the entrance to Jack’s house.



Series 2- Santa Jack, The Mayor, & Dr. Finkelstein


Now, with Series 2, we are working with the same scale, meaning Santa Jack almost always needs the support structure. However, in lieu of dioramas, we are getting more accessories. Santa Jack comes with a base, present sank, two presents, a shrunken head, and a skull. The Mayor comes with his podium, a bullhorn, a book, and a scroll. Finally, Dr. Finkelstein comes with a base, how wheelchair, a bowl of soup, and Sally’s slotted spoon.


Overall, I like these first two sets of figures. My favorite so far is Dr. Finkelstein. With Series 3 including Santa, Pumpkin King Jack, and Lock, Shock, & Barrel, I feel that this line continues to bring a great line of characters to life as action figures for a decent price point (around $25 each).

With the first two series all together, when I was roadtripping last week, I swung by a local cemetery to one of my hotels in NJ for a bit of a photo shoot with these action figures.






Want to add these figures to your collection? Head on over to Entertainment Earth for these and other great NBX collectibles from Diamond Select Toys.



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