Tiana’s Riverboat Party Review

A few weeks back, we reported that Disney world created a new add on to Magic Kingdom called “Tiana’s Riverboat Party.”

this add on allows you to enjoy yummy desserts, ice cream, have a special viewing area of Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade on the boat and enjoy some time with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.

This Friday, a friend and I had the opportunity to experience it for ourselves.

we got our reservations for the event the morning of, which I recommend you never do for any reservation at the Disney Parks but we had a situation where it had to be done. We booked at Guest relations but you are able to book online too.

Liberty Belle Riverboat

we were told to arrive at the Liberty Belle Riverboat at 2:30pm, 30 minutes before the parade steps off. Guests attending the event were asked to line up and several CMs went down and checked our names off while advising us to use the facilities prior to boarding the boat as there are no bathrooms. So keep that in mind, especially when bringing your children onboard. Once checked in, you are given a sticker to put on your person so they know you are a party attendee and given Mardi Gras beads.

We were guided onto the deck where it was decorated for a party for sure!

Guests entering the deck go through a line to get their ice cream. We were offered 4 choices.

The tables were decorated with Mardi Gras style decorations with masquerade masks, gold coins and Mardi Gras beads.

then guests are given a small dessert tray with Princess and the Frog style treats. At first I was surprised there were no beignets but it’s probably hard to do so on the Riverboat.

You have many options for beverages including bottled water, coke, Diet Coke, and Odwalla lemonade. Once you choose your food and beverages, there are tables on the deck prepared for guest usage and a toppings table for guests to add extra magic to their ice cream.

Here is a peek at some of the treats you can try!

Dessert Tray for Riverboat Party

I drizzled my ice cream with chocolate cookie crumbles, sprinkle and caramel sauce and I had no complaints about the ice cream because who doesn’t love ice cream right?

the triple chocolate cookie sandwich was very good. I adored the cute frog on top too. The lily pad tart was unexpectedly delicious for me! Took me a bit too finish but was yummy. I surprisingly wasn’t too fond of the cupcake as the tart overpowered my senses a bit but it’s a normal cupcake nonetheless. The presentation of the desserts is adorable and a cute nod to the film.

To the right of the deck, guests can get in line to meet tiana and naveen. And we never felt rushed to eat our treats either. Cast members walked around and politely made sure guests had met tiana and naveen so everyone could get a chance.

Tiana and Naveen were enthusiastic, bubbly and ready to party!

Tiana and Naveen are ready to party!

Once you get your photo, you can board the boat where you can grab more treats and pick a parade spot. Treats included apples, sweet and salty popcorn options, soft beverages and cotton candy.

More ice cream!

as we settled into our parade spot, the boat moves closer towards the parade route and much closer than we had anticipated. We had planned on taking photos of the parade so if you plan on doing so as well I suggest shooting from the back of the boat or very front of the top deck. As far as viewing there is really no bad place to see the parade. Disney took down trees that were in the way before so it was fairly easy to see everything.

Guests of honor in the parade

Once the parade ends, the guests of honor return to the boat and start the party off! With adorable tambourines they led the children on the boat on a mini parade.

It was a swinging good time for everyone! Tiana and Naveen are super interactive with everyone, especially the little ones. A game of hide n seek ensued where we all had to find Naveen.

Found you Naveen!

Tiana’s and Naveen explored every deck so everyone got to see them no matter where you were.

We stayed on the boat until 4pm and honestly it seemed longer. Everyone was having a really good time. I will say that the best part for me was watching the interactions between Tiana , Naveen and the children on board. And there is photopass photographers on board to capture all the moments too but I would take pictures yourself , especially if you are bringing children.

As guests leave, they have an opportunity to take one last photo. And I’m a sucker for a DIsney sign.

Overall, I would highly recommend this experience for families particularly but it really is a great experience for everyone and  one of the better add ones I have seen Disney attempt as of late. Price is reasonable at $50 for adults and $30 for children under age 9. However cast members are currently be given 30% off so we only paid $35 each for our reservations.

to book a reservation go to Disneyworld.com or call 407-WDW-DINE.


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