Disney Small Shop Review: Liberty Square Shop

Today I received magical mail from one of my new favorite Disney themed small shops, Liberty Square Shop!


Liberty Square Shop is run by Melissa S. who says her products came to life through her lifelong love of Walt Disney World naturally. As a child she visited the parks every year and as she began dating her husband, he surprised her with a trip to the WDW. This spurred his own love for the parks. Many, Many trips later spawned a Disney Honeymoon and two wonderfully obsessed Disney Children. To this day, they continue to visit the parks frequently as a family.

The shop was named after the land in Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square. Melissa says it was named so because she felt the land gets very little love! Haunted Mansion and the Liberty Belle is enough to get a bit more love from Disney guests in her opinion and i agree too!

Melissa considers herself a very creative person, which you can tell through her product designs. She says she has always been making, creating and designing for a while now and so tees came out of love to create something for like minded people. Her tees were created with love for the Disney community. Melissa says she likes to think of it as an inside joke that only a Disney lover would truly understand. For example,  friends and family who aren’t “Disney People” do not really get the jokes or sayings of the shirts or that they are made to wear for the parks. Of course anyone is more than welcome to purchase from the shop!

I had the pleasure of purchasing from Liberty Square Shop and was extremely pleased with my purchases. The presentation of the products were super adorable and neat. You can tell alot of love and care was put into the packaging. This alone made me very excited when i opened my package.

I was surprised to get a few extra goodies in my package including Disney TsumTsum merch and Candy!

When i opened the wrapping for the shirts, I was greeted with more surprises! Two adorable Buttons and confetti!

These buttons are a perfect accessory for a denim jacket or a backpack! But now for the Main event!

I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase two shirts from the shop that features some of my favorite Disney Parks attractions.


All shirts are handmade and made to order, not to mention extremely soft and comfortable. For the Spaceship Earth tee, it can be customized for whichever ride or activity you choose and can also be put on a tank top if you’d like as well. Shirt is a bit big for me but nonetheless very comfortable and adorable. Perfect for any Spaceship Earth or EPCOT fans in general.

The Figment shirt comes in 3 different styles.

I chose the middle option because it feels more in the spirit of the character its based on. For those who aren’t familiar, Figment comes from the attraction in EPCOT called “Journey to Imagination with Figment.” It is a classic EPCOT attraction but its been refurbished twice since 1999 and a favorite among Disney fans.

Overall i highly recommend this shop to all, especially Disney fans! These shirts are lightweight, extremely comfortable and adorable! They come in children’s size as well so the family can be adorable together during park visits! Prices are reasonable too which i really appreciated as a college student too, even with shipping i paid under $25.

Check out LibertySquareShop on Instagram and the shop online at www.libertysquareshop.etsy.com! Be sure to use coupon code “PineapplePrincess” to get 10% off too!




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