Vacation Kingdom Know How: Disney Detox

As I let you guys know from my last post, I just went to Orlando and spent some time on Disney property and hanging out with friends. We didn’t actually enter a park (besides Blizzard Beach) and it was pretty much amazing.

That being said, there’s been a lot going on since we returned home and we’ve been working through some decisions and, in the end, I need a little Disney detox (but not the amazing folks I spent time with down there, just gotta say). You might know how this goes…you get so into it and then- boom- you’re almost burnt out.

I didn’t want to leave!

So, that being the case, I’ll be back next week with more info about my trip and with some astute observations I had while in Florida.  Until then!




Jenny Buchanan is JLB Nerdy. She writes on her blog,, is a member of the cast on Tom Morrow’s Mouse, a Disney podcast and loves cats but refuses to own one personally. She currently lives in Tennessee but a large portion of her heart is in Orlando, where she and her husband are moving in 2018. Besides Disney, she enjoys coffee, writing, being silly with her husband, Losson, and nerding out over random things.

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