Is A Rainforest Rollercoaster Coming To Epcot?

Recently rumours have been circulating around the internet that Rainforest Rollercoaster could be coming to Epcot at Walt Disney World. Ever since the D23 Expo, where new concept art was released showing a large area of greenery on the left of Spaceship Earth, fans have been speculating over what could be coming to that area.

And its not the first time this idea has been floated around, as concept art from “Project Gemini”, which was set to develop Epcot’s Future World in the 2000’s, shows a “Rainforest Rollercoaster”, positioned between the “Under The Sea” attraction in the Living With The Seas building and the Land.  This rollercoaster would have been an “off-the-shelf thrill ride would reportedly take Epcot guests on a fast, fun and informative trip through the canopy of a simulated rainforest”.   However many of the plans were put on hold as Disney wanted the budget cut and the economy at the time wasn’t in a great place.  Of course, because Disney didn’t go ahead with many of this expansion, Epcot continued to go into decline.

Disney often puts good ideas on the back burner, bringing them back out when it is right.  So the idea of a new rollercoaster coming to Epcot isn’t too far fetched.  Disney wants to bring in a younger audience, especially as Epcot has become dated, which is why the new expansions including the new Ratatouille and Guardians of the Galaxy attractions are now underway.

With Disney wanting to theme more attractions around characters, it would be very easy to theme a Rainforest Rollercoaster around franchises like Tarzan or

It’s important to remember, the idea of a Rainforest Rollercoaster is just rumour and might not happen, but with more expansions coming to Epcot, this could easily be something we see in the future.


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