Halloween Comes To Hong Kong Disneyland

This Halloween, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is presenting a special Halloween experience for guests who are looking for new surprises and wicked fun. This year, classic Disney stories will be recreated with an all-new approach. Everyone is welcome to be our wicked guest this Halloween!

More than 40 Disney Friends and Villains will come out in force for the most wicked Halloween party ever at HKDL! During Disney Halloween Time 2017, which is running every day for 48 days from September 14 to October 31, there will be 10 must-try offerings for little ones who love to dress up, families who enjoy spending time together, and young adults looking for some spooky fun.

At this wicked event, classic Disney stories will be retold with new twists and turns, bringing unexpected surprises to all guests. There is new entertainment throughout the park both day and night, including a mystery dining experience that will keep guests guessing until the end! Also, the “Double the Fun” special offer has returned once again so that Hong Kong residents can enjoy HKDL’s Halloween and Christmas festivities with a single ticket.

10 Wicked Must-Try Offerings at Disney Halloween Time 2017

1. Maze of Madness: The Nightmare Experiment Continues
After missing for some time, the crazed Professor is up to something wicked with a new group of baddies. Step into an immersive and frightfully transformative walkthrough experience, Maze of Madness: The Nightmare Experiment Continues. Intricately designed with special audio-visual effects to present mystifying scenes, the lab recreates scenes of classic Disney stories Pinocchio, Monsters, Inc., Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and The Beast and Hercules but with unexpected twists and turns that radically change the stories as guests know them!

2. Villains Night Out! Chapter 2
As the sun goes down, the vilest Disney Villains will take over and turn the park upside down. This year, the malevolent sea witch Ursula will join Villains Night Out! Chapter 2 for the first time ever and wreak havoc alongside Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar, Jack Skellington, Captain Hook, the Queen of Hearts and Cruella de Vil. They’re inviting guests to join in the mayhem and show who is “the most wicked of them all” during a procession with fascinating music and cool visual projections.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean Ghost Trail
A crew of Ghost Pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean has come ashore in Adventureland, which is veiled in spooky fog! Cursed by Captain Jack Sparrow, they will haunt the land and descend on guests in the trail till they find Captain Jack and have their revenge. Along the trail, guests may encounter Captain Jack asking for help. Should they take Jack’s side — or tempt fate and turn him over to the Ghost Pirates? Everyone must watch their steps in the spooky misty trail, and try not to get lost!

4. Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party!
Join the most awesome street party this Halloween. Mickey and friends will put on their Halloween costumes and stage Mickey’s Halloween Time Street Party! Mickey, Minnie and Goofy will appear atop giant jack-o’-lantern whirlies. Young guests can dress up as their favorite Disney character or in their own Halloween disguise, and follow some simple iconic dance moves to dance along with Pluto, Chip and Dale as well as the rest of the performers. Adding to the fun, guests can participate in an interactive sequence, tossing around Halloween Time pumpkin balloons! Guests are encouraged to practice the simple dance moves following our video on HKDL Facebook before enjoying the party!

5. Jack Skellington and Friends Halloween Time Character Greeting
Jack Skellington and the creepy cast of The Nightmare Before Christmas will pop by for a chillingly cheerful time. Come say hello to Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie, and learn a thing or two about scaring from them!

6. Halloween Time Festival Gardens
The Halloween atmosphere is in every corner of HKDL, whether it’s day or night. During the day at the Halloween Time Festival Gardens in Fantasyland, Winnie the Pooh and friends will be decked out in their brand-new Halloween costumes for the first time as they greet guests. After dark, the Gardens will be taken over by Disney baddies such as Cruella de Vil, the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook and others.

Decorated with jack-o’-lanterns and spooky lighting, the Gardens are the perfect place to experience all the main Halloween traditions, including trick-or-treating! Little ones can create their own Mickey jack-o’-lantern Trick-or-Treat Bag, then go fill their bags with goodies at the Trick-or-Treat Booths.

7. Dress up for the part
With so much wicked fun going on across the park, guests will want to look the part. Little ones can have a makeover by face painting artists in the park. All the stores in the resort are stocked with Disney-themed costume items, accessories and Halloween apparel for the season. There are more than 150 styles to help guests get ready for the Halloween fun. To get into the party spirit in the park, young guests can choose among costume choices that include the Disney Villains, Marvel Super Heroes, Disney Princesses, Star Wars characters and more. Or simply put on a Halloween costume of your own for the party!

8. Enjoy a wicked hotel stay
When guests stay in any one of HKDL’s three hotels during Disney Halloween Time, they will receive collectable souvenirs, including a Halloween Fun Guide, a wicked personal amenities box, unique Disney slippers and door wobble. Make hotel stays more amazing by adding HK$600 for a “Halloween Wicked Hamper”.

Young guests are invited to join the Trick-or-Treat Trail at the hotels, as well as fun handicraft activities to learn how to make “Disney Tricky Glasses,” a “Disney Villain’s Light” and more.

9. Mickey’s Magical Halloween Hunt – A Character Dining Experience
Having worked up a devilish appetite after loads of wicked fun, refuel with Disney’s Halloween bites. The theme park and resort hotel restaurants are serving more than 70 Halloween food and beverage selections. At the all-new Mickey’s Magical Halloween Hunt, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy will make a special appearance and offer an interactive dining experience to guests. They need guests’ help to solve the mystery of a missing treasure alongside a magician, occultist, fortune-teller and musician during a three-course dinner at the Explorer’s Club Restaurant. Guests who make reservations five days in advance will enjoy a 15% discount, and a 25% discount is available for Magic Access members. Guests can make an advance reservation for the special dinner at the Explorer’s Club Restaurant by calling +852 3550-3388. This experience is only available on selected dates.

10. Collect Halloween souvenirs
A range of 80-plus Halloween-themed merchandise items, from home décor to souvenirs, daily necessities, plush toys, stationery sets and unique pins will be available in stores for all Guests to remember the Halloween fun. Don’t miss out on the range of limited and exclusive merchandise that is only available at HKDL! Halloween-edition reversible mini Tsum Tsum plush toys are definite must-buys.

Double the Fun” Special Offer for Hong Kong Residents
From now till December 22, Hong Kong residents can enjoy the “Double the Fun” special offer*. For just HK$639, guests can make two visits to the park on or before December 23. With the offer, they can indulge in Halloween and Christmas activities, and enjoy a 10% discount on shopping and a range of F&B discounts on top of that. The offer is available for purchase at the resort website (www.hongkongdisneyland.com).

Take advantage of the “Double the Fun” offer and enjoy the festivities of two very different occasions at Hong Kong Disneyland! All of the 10 things to do during Disney Halloween Time 2017 are on for 48 days.


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