No VR Mode Coming To Star Wars Battlefront 2

With Star Wars Battlefront 2 coming out in November, many fans have been waiting to see if a VR mode would be added to the game, similar to the Rogue One VR mission that was released last year.  However in a recent interview that Criterion did with Metro, they have confirmed “There is no VR”, as that it “took enough effort” to make the Rogue One mission.

While “VR for Criterion is something that’s very important”, as EA CEO Andrew Wilson also said recently that “VR is going to be a part of gaming’s future in the coming decade”.

Lots of the aspects of last years VR mission will be included in the Starfighter Assault.  However I suspect the lack of install base for PlayStation VR and other devices, could be a major issue for EA, as to why we won’t see VR in the next instalment.

What do you think of no VR being included in Star Wars Battlefront 2?


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