Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass Minimates (Diamond Select)

For today’s review, I want to take a look at the some of the Minimates line put out by Diamond Select Toys to celebrate the Alice Through the Looking Glass movie. Diamond Select was kind enough to send these over for me to take a look at, so check out the video and then join me below for more pics.


The regular assortment of the Minimates line includes 4-pks of figures, featuring characters from the movie. Additionally, you will see a “Monochrome” Time, one of the three exclusives in the Hot Topic blind bag assortment (the other two being “Time-Frozen” Alice and “Disappearing” Cheshire Cat).

Overall, similar to my review of the Vinimates and the Select Action Figures and Gallery PVC Figures, I feel that fans of the movie will love adding these to their collections. While not the strongest property from Diamond Select, this movie did not get a lot of love as far as toys and collectibles were concerned, so the fact that these are out there is a good thing.

Special thanks to Diamond Select Toys for sending these 2pks over for review.

Want to add these Minimates to your collection? Check out our friends over at Entertainment Earth to order.

Are these Minimates part of your collection? Let us know your thoughts below.


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