Tinker Bell’s Secret | Disney Fairies Manga TokyoPop Review

The latest Disney Manga book from TokyoPop features a lovely story involving Tinker Bell, who loses her magical hammer, causing major problems for her as she struggles to fulfill her role as a Tinker.  This then leads Tinker Bell off to try to find her spare hammer, which is located in Peter Pan’s secret hideout.

This book was written and illustrated by Haruhi Kato, which has a unique Japanese Manga style, and since it is a traditional Manga book, it requires you to read the book from right to left and back to front.  It’s a shame the illustrations aren’t in colour as I’d love to have seen some bright Manga artwork, like we see with the cover.

The story is pretty simple, but perfect for its target demographic, it was an enjoyable story, that could have easily been a plot for a Tinker Bell movie and that was the vibe I was getting from this book.  It was also great to see how they brought Peter Pan into the story, but he wasn’t a major focus.
If your after a different style of comic book featuring Disney characters, I’d recommend checking out the TokyoPop books, they have a unique style, which I love. And I have been left wanting more and will be checking out other titles from this company.  It’s also a great way of introducing Manga to a younger audience outside of Japan as an alternative to the mainstream animation style we see in Western books.

Here are a few preview pages:

Tinker Bell’s Secret is available in physical print from retailers including Amazon and ShopDisney and in digital format from Comixology.

OVERALL:  I enjoyed reading Tinker Bell’s Secret, it was a nice and easy read, even if it took a little while to get used to reading the Japanese way, since it’s been a while since I read Manga in college.  The artwork is very unique, though I would have preferred it in color, which was my only disappointment about this title but overall, it was a really pleasant story that has left me wanting more.



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