Has Disney Magic Kingdoms Lost Its Magic?

In this episode, Roger and James discuss the Alice In Wonderland event in Disney Magic Kingdoms, sharing their thoughts on the event so far but also talking about how the game is struggling and how its lost its way. Roger also shares other users thoughts on if the game is burning people out.

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  • Kath

    Completely agree with you on all points. It would be helpful if they could add a Merlin spell to collect character tokens and potions. For a time management game to take 10 to 15 mins to the jobs needed done is way too much. Not really excited on Alice either, I’m doing it because I want to get the characters, but then I know it’s going to add more time…

  • Michelle

    You can’t have characters from all the past events such as B&B, Mulan, Lion King, Incredibles, and Alladin do chores for upcoming events because it singles out too many new players. The only way they can get these past characters is by legendary chests, and from sounds of it, even when they spend money on these chests, the drop rates are so bad that they are still not getting these characters. So, they only have the in- story characters to use to get the event characters. What the developers need to do is either ley new players outright buy old characters in packages or maybe let them buy a past event they could play.

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