My Thoughts On The Rumours Of Disneyland Paris Tower Of Terror Becoming Mission Breakout

ED92 has reported on rumoured dates for the closure of the Paris Tower of Terror and it’s reported renovation to become Guardians: Mission Breakout. It was reported on twitter here. While this is, at the moment, unconfirmed ED92 has a strong background with bring the DLP community correct rumours. The suggestion is that preliminary works will begin in March 2018 after Season Of the Force has concluded and full closure will commence in September 2018. The re-themed ride should be re-opened by March 2019. This has been a strong possibility since it’s been made clear that DLP want to focus on Marvel and Star-wars in the studios park.

Thoughts On the Rumour

I understand that Marvel is a big deal for Disney. I also understand that they need to bring people into the park and that Guardians is a huge property. I’m sure that the ride will be excellent as the one in California, by all accounts is. I’m sure I’ll ride it, and enjoy it.

But that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about this decision. I think it speaks to a certain disregard, in part, to the history of the park and the attractions. I will be the first to admit that studios doesn’t work. It has a few moments of being fantastic but otherwise it needs some love. But not at the expense of one of the few areas, and rides, that does work in WDS. Why not sort out Armageddon first? Re-theme that as Marvel. Why not take on Rockin’ Rollercoaster? It’d make a fantastic Iron Man ride.

So, why Tower? Because there’s no denying that the theming of the attraction is perfect. The music, level of detail, and cast members make this an immersive and scary attraction. There is nothing half done about Tower of Terror. Which is why it’s a signature attraction and one that has dominated the skyline of Disney parks for many years. Of course you could argue that the franchise is, then, outdated. It probably is. But does the ride actually hinge on you knowing the IP? I don’t think so. If anything it hinges on how good the ride is. My concern is that the increasing reliance on Intellectual properties to sell rides is going to mean that we lose originality in theme and story telling. It makes me sad to think that the Disney parks have no space for that kind of Imagineering now.


What’s Next

All that remains is to wait and see what does happen with Tower Of Terror. If it is changed then, as I said, I’ll be interested to ride it and to see others thoughts. We can only hope it matches what it’s replacing. But, to be honest, it’s going to take a lot for me to be happy checking out of the Hollywood Tower Hotel for the last time.


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